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 Cédric Eberhardt 

Web developer & UI designer

Skills, Expertise
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Hello, I am a French self-taught web designer and developer, passionated by Web since almost the beginning. I published online my first web page around 1998 with the exact same technologies used for this page. I have got the chance to do it professionally since more than 10 years, when I started my own web agency in May 2005.

Before 2011, I focused more on PHP, SQL and software development. But in 2009, the book written by Amélie Boucher, «Ergonomie Web», changed my point of view about what I always loved to do and since then I am focusing mainly on front-end technologies and user interfaces design. I do love simplicity, lightness, performance and speed as well as web standards and accessibility. I have an unlimited curiosity about new web technologies.

My first lines of code were written in BASIC when I was 8, around 1990. It took me the whole travel accross the France, during the first day of holidays, to finally ask my parents their names, ages and more.

Want to see more? Look directly at my references, side projects or prototypes.


Senior Web Software Developer and UI Designer

Genedata, Basel, Switzerland — since june 2019

Designing and developing the front-end of Genedata Selector.


Technologies: React, Redux, TypeScript, Parcel, GraphQL, Sass. Jira, Confluence.
UI Design and Icons: Figma


Ma Cuvée, France — since january 2019

A tiny side business which let you create personalized labels on selected Champagne.

Ma Cuvée

Technologies: Django, Postgres, GraphQL (Graphene), React, Redux, TypeScript, Rollup
Services: GitHub, Heroku, Digital Ocean Space

Senior front-end developer

Open Interactive, Basel, Switzerland — march 2015 - october 2018

I designed and coded the front-end part of multiple Swiss websites. The back-end development was done by Java experimented developers I worked with, thanks to Magnolia CMS. I started to develop Magnolia Megaton - see below - in order to optimize our workflow. It is used in all projects and by the whole team.

Open Interactive

Technologies: Magnolia CMS, JCR, Vue.js ecosystem, TypeScript, Webpack, Java
Services: GitHub

Graphic designer & web developer

CEWE, Eschbach, Germany — august 2011 - march 2015

I worked in the e-commerce marketing department as, mainly, a designer for the French market but also closely with project managers for Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany. I took care of the photo products websites in partnership with famous French companies like Fnac, Amazon, Cora, système U, Leclerc, myPix and many more. I also designed and coded beautiful responsive newsletters.

Web developer

Adéquation Web, Hirsingue, France — may 2011 - july 2011

I designed and configured online stores thanks to Magento CMS.


La Métallerie, Cernay, France — september 2006 - june 2010

I created an online store for forged iron items, from scratch, including interactive tools. I did the photo shooting as well and developed few interoperability tools in C#.


Media 2D, Staffelfelden, France — may 2005 - july 2008

I managed my company and did websites and online tools.

Skills, Expertise

  • HTML / SVG
  • CSS / PostCSS / Less
  • JavaScript / TypeScript / JSDoc
  • Vue.js / Node.js / Webpack / Rollup
  • Magnolia CMS
  • Learning Python 3 and Django + Celery (Async tasks)
  • Interest in Rust and Web Assembly
  • Interest in Machine learning
  • Cloudflare
  • Heroku
  • Digital Ocean
  • AWS / Azure
  • Snipcart (Frontend shopping cart)
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • UI design
  • Ergonomic
  • Accessibility
  • E-commerce
  • Sketch
  • Affinity Designer
  • JetBrains IDE
  • GitHub


Institut Universitaire de Technologie, Mulhouse, France — DUT GEII, 2003


  • French, native language — spoken daily
  • English, full professional ability — spoken daily between 2011 and 2015
  • German, professional ability — spoken daily between 2014 and 2018


Some websites I did not so long ago.

2018 Certus Diagnostics
2018 Suan Agentur
2018 Mammut Pryys
2017 Nubo HR
2017 SENS eRecycling
2017 Sehbehindertenhilfe Basel
2017 Geschäftbericht von Universitätsspital Basel
2016 RealWWZ
2016 Hueskes Orthopädie
2016 Grenzwert & Roter Bären
2016 BLKB Mobile Landing page
2015 PPR Media Relations Datenbank
2015 VBÖ: Vereinigung Basler Ökonomen

Side projects

Mountain Bikers Club

since october 2018

This side project is a quite complex open source and free software for mountain bikers. You can already have a glance to the code on GitHub.

Mountain Bikers Club

Technologies: Django, Celery, Postgres, Redis, Bokeh (visualization library), GPX parsing
Services: GitHub, Heroku, Digital Ocean Space

Eukolía - Frontend Library (formerly Frontools)

2015 - present

The frontend library is an open source JavaScript project written in order to offer a high performance, as light as possible and easy to use library of web components, tools & workers for frontend development.

Eukolia on Github

Magnolia Megaton

2016 - 2018

Megaton is a ready-to-use Magnolia CMS-based environment with a preconfigured web application containing a main fulfilled light module and a preconfigured Java module. The frontend is an optimized and useful collection of Vue.js components and tools written with TypeScript. The webpack configuration allows to produce two packages, one for the legacy ES5 browsers and the latter as an ES2015 module.


Sébastien Loeb's Fan Club

2005 - 2007

Single developer of the official fan community website of Sébastien Loeb, the most successful driver in WRC history. Developed from scratch with PHP/MySQL and contained a blog, a photo gallery, a forum and a shop.


2003 - 2005

Photo Racing Banner

Personal website dedicated to photography of racing and rally cars in France and Switzerland. Managed by 4 friends. Developed with PHP/MySQL.


2002 - 2003

Alsace Rallyes Banner

Personal website dedicated to racing and rally in Alsace. Managed by 4 friends. Developed with PHP/MySQL.


A list of unpublished websites I did. They were mainly coded for personal and professional research purposes. They are not fully functionnal.

Under construction

2014 Peach – Responsive newsletter
2014 Fandango 2 – Photo products e-commerce website
2013 Incredible COPS / Fandango 1 – Photo products e-commerce website
2012 Beaux Livres – Photo books e-commerce website
2011 Photochtone 2 – Photos gallery
2010 Photochtone 1 – Blog about photography

Extra professional activities

  • Tennis, competitor — 1990 - 2001
  • Badminton, competitor — 2003 - 2016
  • Mountain bike — since 2017
  • Ski
  • Managment/strategy and racing games
  • Music
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